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Free Web Sites for New Jersey Businesses Offered


JACKSON, New Jersey. November 15, 1999 --- ShopJersey.Com, a local web site hosting company, has announced a free way for business owners to get their business its own web page. By visiting the company's site,, New Jersey business owners can get their own site just by filling out a simple form.

"Some small business owners don't know the potential the Internet holds," said Charles Carroll, founder and president of ShopJersey.Com, "this gives them a no-cost opportunity to find out how important it is to advertise on the Internet."

The pages that can be built are customizable. Some of the items that can be changed on a free page include graphics, text, backgrounds and links to other sites. After creating the page, the creator can change it at any time.

"We can provide the service for free because we put small advertisements at the bottom of the sites. There are no plans to ever charge for this service," said Szymon Krasucki, system administrator of the web site.

You can visit ShopJersey.Com on the Internet at A free on-site demonstration of how Internet advertising can help you is available by calling 732-928-0955.



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