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ComputerKiddies of Manalapan offers fun young child care and problem solving and computer activities for children. We pride ourselves on working with children to provide them with a very enjoyable activity session that they will look forward to attending again and again! Our activities for younger children are powered by the ImagineTomorrowTM software packages and we also work with parents of older children as well as adults to develop customized programs meeting their specific needs.

About our ImagineTomorrow TM programs for young learners We offer child care activity sessions provided by the ImagineTomorrowTM software package. The ImagineTomorrow programs help to boost confidence, knowledge of technology, and develop a child's early literacy skills (letter recognition, phonics, typing, etc..). We also offer other software packages and different types customized technology training and educational programs for children, if you have a specific need or wish for your child, please call us to discuss. Our goal and mission is to provide our children with a fun, stimulating and enjoyable environment while in our center.

Programs for older children and adults In addition to the ImagineTomorrowTM programs for young learners, we also offer customized training and educational programs for grade schoo children, middle school children and adults. Some of the programs we offer are customized training in Microsoft Office applications, age-appropriate introduction to programming concept training for children, seminars in desktop publishing and digital photography, and many other types of customized training. If you have a specific need or wish for your child, or for yourself, please call us to discuss.

Please come join us, your kids will learn a lot and HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!

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