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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can you give out FREE web sites? Is there a catch?
    There's no catch. In exchange for giving you a free web site, we place a small amount of advertising on your page.

  2. I don't like your graphic choices. Can I use my own?
    No, free web sites are limited to the graphics that ShopJersey.Com provides. If you would like a page with custom graphics, and photographs of your location or goods and services, please check out our about page for pricing.

  3. How will people be able to find my site?
    As a business owner, it is your job to advertise your web site address (URL). Since we reserve the right to change your page name, we recommend that you advertise our main address: This is a short and easy to remember address that you can place in your print, radio, or television advertising.

  4. Will my site be put into the major search engines?
    We do not offer free search engine submission as part of the free web site. If you'd like us to list your site in search engines, please see our about page for pricing.

  5. What if I don't like my free site?
    You can always change it! Just click on the Edit Page button on the front page. If you run into any problems, just e-mail us!.

  6. I have a web site with someone else. Can I still get a free site?
    Sure! If you had a professional web designer design your site, it may be difficult or costly for them to update it and tweak it as the information about your business changes. With a free site from, it is easy to come back to your page and edit it. You can place a link to your current site on your free page so people can visit both to get the most information about your business. If you have a long or complicated web site address (URL), it might be easier to advertise your ShopJersey.Com site than your current site.

  7. Who are you? How can I get in touch with you?
    We own and operate a number of domains: ShopJersey.Com, ShopJackson.Com, ShopHowell.Com, ShopTomsRiver.Com, ShopJeep.Com, ShopHonda.Com, ShopBricktown.Com, ShopFord.Com, ShopFreehold.Com, ShopLakewood.Com, and ShopPtPleasant.Com.
    Our business is located in the center of New Jersey, Jackson. You can contact us by calling (732) 928-0955. Or reach us by e-mail:
    Charles Carroll - Webmaster -
    Szymon Krasucki - Web Site Administrator -

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