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Serving Southern New Jersey Area

ReketNetworks is committed to deliver professional and quality computer repair services to Home Users and Small to Medium Sized Businesses in Southern New Jersey and the surrounding areas. If you are looking to fix your laptop or desktop and you donít want to spend a fortune, you are at the right place. We would like to be your IT support team for your home or business needs. From troubleshooting wide variety of computer problems to setting up your computer network, our broad range of computer services will fit all of your needs. For a full listing of our computer services click here! Our extensive experience and technical knowledge make it possible to keep our prices low.

We will tell you right away how much the service would cost you. We will give you several options and we will leave you the choice of how much you are willing to spend. We will not overcharge you just because you don't have a choice. We first make sure that there is no possible repair of a part before we decide to replace that part. We want to save you money, and at the same time we contribute for a Green Environment. The dumping of old computers into landfills via your garbage makes for serious environmental hazards. Computers contain toxic substances such as lead, radium, cadmium, phosphor and sometimes mercury, which can leach into groundwater supplies.

If your computer breaks donít buy a new one, get it fixed! Itís cheaper, and you can help with protecting the environment for future generations. Letís save the planet together!

For a free personal consultation, call our friendly computer support team at 609-271-7910, or email us at support@reketnetworks.com and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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