St Mary Day Care & Learning Center

74 Snowhill Street; Spotswood, NJ 08884 [ 732-251-8004 / 732-251-8006(fax) ]

St Mary's Day Care & Learning Center admits children without regard to race, color, sex, religion, national origin or ancestry.
We appreciate childhood as a unique and important stage of life. All aspects of a child's growth - social, emotional, intellectual and physical, are dependent upon each other and equally important. Children develop and learn best when they feel safe, valued and their physical needs are met. They thrive in an environment that is suitable to their learning and developmental abilities and styles.
Our Goals:
Children will learn through exploration, experimentation, and play, in safe, indoor and outdoor environments.
Children will acquire knowledge and skills.
Positive attitudes will be modeled and encouraged.
The development of a positive self-identity will be promoted for each child.
Respect for all people and oneself will be practiced.
Good communication and conflict resolution skills be learned.
Children will understand that effort is necessary for achievement.
Opportunities for children to make individual choices will be available.
Children will work in groups of various sizes during times of free play as well as during teacher directed activities.
Children will be stimulated, challenged and encouraged.
Children will feel safe and happy.
Children will become lifelong learners.

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St. Mary Day Care & Learning Center

Hanan Abd-Elmalak

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